The Berlin Historical Association (BHA) was founded in 1995 as the successor to the former American Historical Association of Berlin, which met regularly in the American Sector until the Allies left Berlin in 1994.  It is the only English-speaking historical society in Berlin and its aim is to further the knowledge of its international membership about the history of Berlin from the Prussian era to modern times.  Our interest in history is based on the premise that a sound understanding of the past is essential if we are to comprehend the present and, importantly, attempt to chart our future.

BHA organises regular, monthly, visits to many sites of historical significance both in and outside Berlin.  These visits, especially if further afield, mostly take place on weekends.  In addition, BHA holds occasional lectures on weekday evenings.  From time to time, the Allied Museum and BHA organise joint events. 

Berlin has numerous universities, research institutes and organisations which specialise in historical themes.  It naturally also attracts many visiting experts in this field.   From this reservoir and from other local sources, BHA seeks to secure experts in their field to address the Association.

BHA has an international membership of around 170-180 members.  Annual membership is kept to a very reasonable fee and half-yearly fees apply from 1 July.  Lectures are free for members, with a modest fee for visitors.  For visits, depending on the location and distance from Berlin, a small contribution towards the cost is sometimes raised.  BHA is always seeking new members who are interested in learning more about the history of Berlin.  Please take a look at details of our programme, past visits and membership details on the following pages.  Be assured, we aim to make history fun!



BHA is most grateful to Sarah Mayhead for her permission to use some of the photographs shown on this website.